My brother protected me once, but now …


I can’t remember all the details, but I remember when I was in 4th grade that I was being picked on by an older boy.  I remember being at a school crossing when my older brother stood up for me. I can’t remember if there was any pushing or shoving, but I can vividly recall feeling protected. It felt good.

Actually, this same brother looked out for me in college, but I won’t go in to all the details.    The point is that he had my back.  He was looking out for me and I’m grateful for him and what he did back then (though I should have mentioned my gratitude much earlier to him).

I bring up these memories of being protected because it is a feeling that I can still take for granted, unfortunately.

Here’s what triggered today’s post:  on my way in to work this morning, I was driving down a side street.  I was in the right of way and I saw a car pulling up to a stop sign up ahead.  As I was getting very near to him (did I mention, I had the right of way), he pulled out.  I couldn’t believe it. I laid on the horn and sped up at the same time to avoid being side-swiped by this driver.

Wow!  That was close.  In the next few minutes, I felt this very strong feeling of being protected.  The thought came to my mind about “angels”.  I know that for many people when they hear about “angels” they are thinking of fairy tales.  For some people of faith, they would take it a step farther and agree that the Bible talks about angels, but if they are honest, they give little thought to angels, and/or their relevancy in their lives.

To me, angels are real. I can’t say I have seen one, though that is possible, but because the Bible teaches that they exist, I have no problem believing in them.  Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation”   (Hebrews 1:14 – nlt)

Maybe today’s situation in the car was one of those experiences where they were doing their protecting job.  I don’t know.  All I know was that it was a close call and an accident was avoided.  Thank you God.

Angels are not to be worshiped because they are just created servants of God.   In the numerous places we see them mentioned in the Bible, we see them frequently worshiping the Creator God.

Although I don’t understand a lot about angels and how they exist, I take comfort today in knowing  God protects His children who come to Him in faith.

I hope that your awareness of the awesomeness of being a Christian continues to multiply day after day.

And tying this whole post together, I thought you might enjoy this classic song from Amy Grant,    Blessings!


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