Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle


When I go to see a movie, I like to be entertained and I like to be inspired.

Last night, I got to watch one of those movies:  Eddie the Eagle.  Its based on a true story of the unlikely pursuit of British, Eddie Edwards achieving his dream to compete in the  Olympics.

Although he might not have into a stereotyped look at what an Olympic athlete looks like, Eddie had an extraordinary determination to be an Olympian.  He had this desire ever since he was a young child and all the different sports he intended to excel at, just never seemed he was quite good enough —- until he stumbled on an unexpected idea, being a ski jumper.

Giving his all and being trained by a former American ski jumper, Eddie surprisingly, after only one year’s time, qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

I really liked this  movie and with  the exception of  a few inappropriate references, is one the whole family could enjoy and benefit from.

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