Poetry: Let the River Flow


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my my searching days

Let the River Flow

Lying serene

on the edge of my boat,

I take in all this beauty

while the boat keeps all afloat.

I make no effort to move

the current  leads the way,

I give this  river my trust

it can do with me what it may.

The river takes control

it bends around some trees,

I’m on a tour  through nature

as my hair blows in the breeze.

My thoughts  are oh, so distant

I’m in a garden of God,

I gaze  up to a blue sky

my approval is a nod.

Looking down the river

are rocks so big and wide,

time to take some action,

I’ll just listen to my guide.

the current  of the river

rises up to talk  to me,

“can you lend a hand

from the rocks  I cannot see?”

I know the current  is in control

it just needs a helping hand,

If I’m  to continue on this tour

of water and of land.

As we come  upon the rapids

I paddle just a bit,

letting the current lead the way

shooting  by without a hit.

An exhilarating  feeling

comes  down and goes through me,

a wave of excitement

one that feels to me, so free.

Another  nod of thanks

to God and to his river,

it flows through life so calmly,

my reaction is a shiver.

So the river again turns  mellow

as we drift along past trees,

this river it can take me

wherever it may please.

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