Enjoy your BIG DAY


As a follow-up to my post from the other day about enjoying the experience of a “BIG” event where I shared two lessons learned:

“So, I did two things that made my participation in this event enjoyable and, I think successful (rather than focusing on my nervousness and the “what if’s”) :

  • First of all, I prayed about it.  The Bible tells us to “cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares for us”   —  so I did.  I am so grateful for having a personal relationship with the Living and Loving God.  With Him on my side, I don’t have to focus on big problems because I know Him to be an even bigger God
  • Second of all, I thought about the advice that two very successful coaches (Nick Saban, Univ. of Alabama Football Coach and Coach K, Coach of Duke’s Men’s Basketball team) told their players as they were each playing for  national championships.  They told their teams that few people ever get to experience moments like this and to take it all in AND ENJOY the moment.”


As I thought of how much sense it makes to have this perspective as we experience some “Big Event”,  I had a new insight that really got me excited.  “wouldn’t it be helpful to have this perspective all the time and see all of life as one “Big Event”?

Rather than on focusing on the negatives (the worries, the fears, the stresses, etc.) that come along in life,  what  if I  sought to pray more often about more things and purposed to treasure each and every experience as unique treating all of my life as a “Big Event”?

Having this new thought burst on my mind has caused me, at least for now, to have my senses heightened.


  • Rather than eating your food in as big of a bites as you can, how about eating smaller-sized bites and really trying to enjoy each taste that comes to your mind?
  • How about talking less, turning off more noise around you, and listening more.  How about in your conversations putting in more effort to listening and understanding what the other person is really meaning?
  • Did you ever marvel at the things you see around you? How amazing are all these things and who put them there?
  • Do you even know what smells are around you and where they are coming from?
  • How amazing are the things you can touch? With your hands you can convey love to another person or even a pet? You can feel the danger of something being too cold, or too hot.

My point in all that life is one “Big Event”. We can choose to focus on the negatives and the concerns, or we can choose to take it all in, realizing that we have no clue as to how much longer we will be able to live another day, or keep all of our senses for another day, or enjoy the friendship of a loved one for another day.    ENJOY THIS BIG DAY!


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