In big moments, you have a choice …


For one additional post regarding my being on a panel at a recent trade show event,  I wanted to pass along a practical tip that worked for me.

This was the first time I’ve had to participate as a speaker at one of these kinds of events, so I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect.    As the day for the event was getting closer, I knew that I wanted to not look back at it with regrets, saying to myself, “Oh, I wish I would have said this”, or, “I wish I wouldn’t have been so nervous”.

So, I did two things that made my participation in this event enjoyable and, I think successful:

  • First of all, I prayed about it.  The Bible tells us to “cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares for us”   —  so I did.  I am so grateful for having a personal relationship with the Living and Loving God.  With Him on my side, I don’t have to focus on big problems because I know Him to be an even bigger God
  • Second of all, I thought about the advice that two very successful coaches (Nick Saban, Univ. of Alabama Football Coach and Coach K, Coach of Duke’s Men’s Basketball team) told their players as they were each playing for  national championships.  They told their teams that few people ever get to experience moments like this and to take it all in AND ENJOY the moment.

I   knew  I had a choice.  I could either focus on my nervousness, or I could treasure the experience.  I chose to trust God and to take it all in, to be grateful for the experience, and to enjoy it, which I did.




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