In a backstage meeting, I heard ….


At a recent event I was at, I was talking backstage with Jon Acuff. Many of you know who he is. He has written some great books like “Quitter”, “Start”,  “Do Over”.

In just the few minutes, we talked,  I was quite impressed with him as he told me about the way that his career had developed.   In that conversation, he mentioned that he has a literary agent, and another agent, and some other people who help him in various ways.

He went on to say that he needs those people to help him because he knows his skill sets and what he is good at, and what he isn’t.

I was really impressed with how well he knew himself and how comfortable he was in admitting his strengths, and weaknesses.

How about you?  How comfortable are you with knowing and admitting your weaknesses (and being okay with that?)

How clearly do you know your strengths?

How comfortable are you with being you and not having to be like someone else (which Jon also alluded to—saying that he did not have to be like. ____ (and he mentioned their name).

He was okay with being who he is.  I loved that.  Are you being okay with being you?


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