“When you are reminded of…, its amazing how …”


Here is an excerpt from Crawford W. Loritts, Jr called “Leadership as an Identity”

“When you are inescapably  reminded of how  desperate  you are for God,  it’s amazing  how quickly  you get out of His way and allow Him to do  what He wants  to do through your life.

I want to encourage you to stop looking  at your limitations as hindrances  or anchors to God working through your life.   The fact that you don’t feel  qualified  to do what you are doing may be the very reason why God has placed you where you are.  You are reminded  daily that if God  doesn’t come  through for you, you are dead in the water.”


Are you at a point where you feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities ?

Maybe, you are in a place right where God would have you—becoming overwhelmingly aware that you can’t go on without Him.

Are you living with that awareness in your spiritual life?

If not, be careful my friend if you are not at that point because what are you really saying to God, “I don’t need you any more. I can take care of this.”

Oh, be careful my friend in what you are thinking.


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