“Leaders fall when…”


Leaders, I empathize with you.   You have a very difficult job.  Besides the weight of your responsibility that often will lead leaders to put in an excessive amount of time at work, they often shoulder alone the stress of making decisions that affect people’s careers and personal circumstances.  However, there is another huge challenge for leaders and  I wonder if you are even aware of it.  Its pride.

People look to you for your guidance.  People tend to act with a respect towards you. Whereas the majority of every day workers are not appreciated anywhere near the level they should be, leaders tend to congratulated and praised too often.   Yeah, leaders are often criticized, but people generally try to hide much of their negative thoughts, but more often than not, people will “suck up” to their leaders and flatter them with kind words.

So, leaders for your own good, as well as for those you lead, be careful about the issue of pride.

“For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought…”   (Romans 12:3 a–NIV)

I also like this quote from Dr. Joe Stowell:

“leaders fall when they stop following”

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