What would happen if you removed …


What is your favorite story?

It can be a book that immediately that comes to your mind, or maybe its a movie, but my guess is when I asked that question, you thought of some story.

When I just wrote that question, “It’s a Wonderful Life” came to my mind.

Whatever book or movie you chose, try thinking what that story would be like if the main character were removed.   It just wouldn’t make sense would it?

Yeah, there would still be many chapters of the book or  scenes in the movie that wouldn’t be affected (at least not immediately) if the lead character were removed, but overall, if you took a step back, things wouldn’t make sense and there would be no logical way the story could end well.

That is what life is like if you try to remove God.

He is the Creator of life. He is the Sustainer of life. He is a God of unending resources.  He is the ultimate Choreographer. He is a God who loves you and desires to be involved in your life.

Yeah, you can live out many chapters in your life so that it may not seem like anything is missing, but if you are willing to take a step back and do some reflecting on the big questions in life (the big story line if you will), such as:  what’s life all about?  where do I go when I die? How can I experience peace? How can I experience hope? –I believe you will clearly see that something (or rather SOMEONE) is missing from your story.

My application for you is rather simple—just to re-read this post and think on it.  I believe what the Bible says that if you seek Him, you will find Him.

As you do, I believe you will come to realize, just like I have that although there are many good stories, the greatest story has as its lead character, Jesus Christ!





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