Poetry: Spirit of the Sea


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this post. This is a poem that is a part of my Poetry collection that comes from a time of searching.

Spirit of the Sea

Searching through this maze

looking for some relief,

trying to find myself

trying to find my beliefs.

I think – I got sucked in by the bad

even though I was watched over by the good,

struggling through this jungle

the only way that I could.

I trusted the people

that came in contact with me,

and from disappointment and neglect

dark clouds covered my sea.

And the waters got rougher

I was thrown every which way,

my ship now a raft,

I was beginning to pay.

I fell to the bottom

I could go down no more,

My last glimpse of light

saw a seagull as it soared

It hovered around in circles

gliding overhead,

surprisingly- I started rising

as the Seagull  softly said,

“have courage and faith

my beautiful son,

I am the Holy Spirit

of the three we are one.

Feel thy body  lifting

offer me thy hand,

we will leave  the water  flowing

I will help you to reach land.

So I gave my hand

to this Spirit of the sea,

He carried  me to safety

as we sat beneath a tree.

My body all a tremble

my mind in total daze,

again the Seagull  gestured

as he told me of His ways.

“I have given you  a gift

the earth on which we stand,

I have given you a companion

to reach and share your hand.

All I want  from you

is loving and respect,

My love for you endures

of this I can’t  neglect.

Help your neighbors see

the beauty of My light,

it will guide you through your jungles

even in the cold of night.

Your heart will warm you

and you’ll make it through the night,

your brothers will come tomorrow

they’ll  be drawn  unto your light.”

With those  last few words of wisdom

He soon departed me,

My life  this bird has saved

that Spirit of the Sea.



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