Little difference now, BIG difference later


When I do Life Coaching with people, one insight that seems to frequently come up is, what I call, the Vortex Principle.

Check out this slide on the Vortex Principle to see what I mean by it:

The principle basically says:

  • At the point where the lines intersect you have a choice
  • If you make one choice, you start to move in a certain direction. If you make another choice, you move in another direction
  • At first, there is not much difference in the consequences of either decision you make
  • However, the teaching of this Vortex Principle is that over time, the distance between the two decisions we make (and their resulting consequences) can increase dramatically

I communicate this principle often because it teaches the importance of making wise choices TODAY.  It is a teaching tool that has implications for businesses, churches, and in our parenting.

Habits, good or bad, tend to form quickly.   So, whether the issue is having your first drink, or your first cigarette, or having a daily Bible reading time, or reading 15 minutes a day, or deciding on whether to get a gym membership, or get a bike, or whether to deal with a conflict you have with another person, or if you should give in to a donor’s or customer’s  “special request”, etc., please exercise wisdom and understand that the consequences of your decision will likely have little impact today, but can have enormous impact in your future.

Be wise and think ahead.




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