“I can’t be excellent if …”


As I frequently write about,  I believe you are going to have the greatest satisfaction in your life when you pursue excellence in every area of responsibility in your life:

(7 areas of responsibilities:  Devotion to God, Personal Health, Family, Stewardship (managing your investments and resources), Work, Volunteering, Personal Leisure) :

To help me in this desire to be my best, I use this statement to help me keep focused:

“I can’t be excellent in ____________ (name the area of responsibility),  if I ______________ (name the unwanted behavior)”

As an example of how I use this thought,  the other day I was at a large gathering of people and noticed a very attractive woman.   The natural temptation was for me to take a second look at this woman (something I would not be proud of).

However,  the above-mentioned statement came to my mind:

“I can’t be excellent as a husband (name the area of responsibility- Family),  if I take a second, lusting look at this woman  (name the unwanted behavior).

Because I completed that thought process, I was able to turn away from doing something I would have regretted.

Let me encourage you to write down this statement and be aware of its power to help you focus on doing positive behaviors where you will have no regrets.


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