“Hug them every chance you get”


Life is precious and it is those that are closest to you that mainly make it that way.

As you visualize those people that are closest to you, let this excerpt from Tony Dungy (as recorded in “Its not who you know, Its who you are” by Pat Williams with Jim Denney) motivate you to frequently express your love for them in tangible ways:

“at that point, he choked up, then finished his thought (Tony was thinking about the suicide death of his son and his last conversations with him). “I said, ‘Yeah man. You know the hard part is getting there (the Super Bowl), but if we do, you know you’re going to be on the field.’ But I never got to hug him again.   That’s the one thing I’ll always  think about and  always remind  people to do.  Hug them every chance  you get.  Tell them you love them every  chance you get because you don’t know  when its going to be the last time.”


Who do you need to communicate your love to today?  Do it!


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