Sure, their evil might intimidate, BUT I know someone who…


There are some messages that are communicated so clearly and thoroughly that they really deserve to be passed on to others.

The Madman Who Became a Missionary

This sermon given by Pastor John Lindell, the Senior Pastor at River City Church in Springfield, Missouri is based on the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

It deals with a topic that we don’t really hear a lot about: the demonic.  Although, it was sobering listening to truths about the demonic world,  I found myself greatly encouraged by better understanding the strength of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is to Him that the demons come and bow down.

Find a comfy chair, or upload it so you can listen to it on a walk, or in your car, but do yourself a favor and listen to this message. You will be glad you did.



The Madman Who Became a Missionary

Never under-estimate how you …


Never underestimate how life-changing it can be for someone when you take the time to offer someone some words of advice or show them some attention. You can have a huge impact on someone else—maybe it will be today.

Here is an excerpt from “It’s not who you know, It’s who you are”, a wonderful book by Pat Williams with Jim Denney–its about Florence Griffith Joyner and the impact a few words from Sugar Ray Robinson had on her life:


“let me tell you my story.  I was one of eleven children growing up in South Central Los Angeles.  I didn’t have much  of a future ahead of me.  But when I was eight years old, I got to meet Sugar Ray Robinson, the boxing champ.”

“What did he say to you?”

“Sugar Ray  looked me in the eye and said, “It doesn’t matter  where you come from, what your color is, or what the odds are against you. All that matters is that you have a dream, that you believe you can do it, that you commit to doing it.”

Right there, I was sold on what my future could be.”


Whose life could you affect by just giving someone some of your time and thoughts ?


Poetry: Let the River Flow


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my my searching days

Let the River Flow

Lying serene

on the edge of my boat,

I take in all this beauty

while the boat keeps all afloat.

I make no effort to move

the current  leads the way,

I give this  river my trust

it can do with me what it may.

The river takes control

it bends around some trees,

I’m on a tour  through nature

as my hair blows in the breeze.

My thoughts  are oh, so distant

I’m in a garden of God,

I gaze  up to a blue sky

my approval is a nod.

Looking down the river

are rocks so big and wide,

time to take some action,

I’ll just listen to my guide.

the current  of the river

rises up to talk  to me,

“can you lend a hand

from the rocks  I cannot see?”

I know the current  is in control

it just needs a helping hand,

If I’m  to continue on this tour

of water and of land.

As we come  upon the rapids

I paddle just a bit,

letting the current lead the way

shooting  by without a hit.

An exhilarating  feeling

comes  down and goes through me,

a wave of excitement

one that feels to me, so free.

Another  nod of thanks

to God and to his river,

it flows through life so calmly,

my reaction is a shiver.

So the river again turns  mellow

as we drift along past trees,

this river it can take me

wherever it may please.

Book Review – “Worship God’ by Watchman Nee


With all the many knowledgeable and gifted communicators today to learn from, sometimes it’s still nice to go back in time to benefit from others who have gone before us.

Such is the case with this brilliant little read from Watchman Nee. He was a Christian who lived in China, back in 20’s and 30’s, eventually being imprisoned because of His faith.  He is widely known for his classic book “the normal Christian life”.

This book is classic Nee with his emphasis on being aware of two powers that seek worship, God (who deserves it) and Satan (who desires it).  I also liked his insights on what it means to worship God in spirit and truth.

In addition to six chapters covering this topic, there are eight additional, short chapters on various subjects.

My guess is you will not find this book in your town’s public library, so you will probably need to get this book on Amazon, or ebay, but for the few dollars you pay for it, you will be glad you did.

Poetry: Tying it all Together


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my my searching days

Tying it all Together

It’s all a state

a certain frame of mind,

releasing  of your tensions

to let  the soul unwind.

To wander in your conscience

your  walls must be broken down,

if your intentions are sincere

then chase  away your clown.

Concentration is a must

there must be no distractions,

forget about the whole

then concentrate  on fractions.

Forget about the future

forget about the past,

think through the present

if your intensity is to last.

What we’re trying  to do

is to tie it all together,

gestures here on earth

to movements of the weather.

Understand the puzzle

of the Yin and of the Yang,

then look upon the Master

and see what you have gained.

Enjoy your BIG DAY


As a follow-up to my post from the other day about enjoying the experience of a “BIG” event where I shared two lessons learned:

“So, I did two things that made my participation in this event enjoyable and, I think successful (rather than focusing on my nervousness and the “what if’s”) :

  • First of all, I prayed about it.  The Bible tells us to “cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares for us”   —  so I did.  I am so grateful for having a personal relationship with the Living and Loving God.  With Him on my side, I don’t have to focus on big problems because I know Him to be an even bigger God
  • Second of all, I thought about the advice that two very successful coaches (Nick Saban, Univ. of Alabama Football Coach and Coach K, Coach of Duke’s Men’s Basketball team) told their players as they were each playing for  national championships.  They told their teams that few people ever get to experience moments like this and to take it all in AND ENJOY the moment.”


As I thought of how much sense it makes to have this perspective as we experience some “Big Event”,  I had a new insight that really got me excited.  “wouldn’t it be helpful to have this perspective all the time and see all of life as one “Big Event”?

Rather than on focusing on the negatives (the worries, the fears, the stresses, etc.) that come along in life,  what  if I  sought to pray more often about more things and purposed to treasure each and every experience as unique treating all of my life as a “Big Event”?

Having this new thought burst on my mind has caused me, at least for now, to have my senses heightened.


  • Rather than eating your food in as big of a bites as you can, how about eating smaller-sized bites and really trying to enjoy each taste that comes to your mind?
  • How about talking less, turning off more noise around you, and listening more.  How about in your conversations putting in more effort to listening and understanding what the other person is really meaning?
  • Did you ever marvel at the things you see around you? How amazing are all these things and who put them there?
  • Do you even know what smells are around you and where they are coming from?
  • How amazing are the things you can touch? With your hands you can convey love to another person or even a pet? You can feel the danger of something being too cold, or too hot.

My point in all that life is one “Big Event”. We can choose to focus on the negatives and the concerns, or we can choose to take it all in, realizing that we have no clue as to how much longer we will be able to live another day, or keep all of our senses for another day, or enjoy the friendship of a loved one for another day.    ENJOY THIS BIG DAY!