Poetry: Absence of a Sense


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my searching days

Absence of a Sense

What if I go blind?

What if I can’t see?

Would I be myself?

Would I still be me?

What if I go deaf?

What if I can’t hear?

Would I still feel safe?

Would I have to fear?

What if I lose control?

What if I can’t taste?

Could I still enjoy a meal?

Or would it be a waste?

What if I lose sense?

What if I can’t feel?

Could I still feel glass?

Or would it be like steel?

What if I lose feeling?

What if I can’t smell?

Could I sense a rose?

There’s no way to tell.

If I was to lose

One sense out of five

There still would be no problem

Because I’d still be alive.

But I think if I would lose

any more than one,

I’d miss too much of life

Too much of normal fun.

But what is it past normal

Something we can’t see.

Is it  an absence of a sense?

One that sets our mind so free.


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