“When you are training young leaders…”


Leaders, you have a lot of responsibility.  That’s stating the obvious, right!  Besides being involved in vision issues, and financial oversight, and plenty of management meetings, there is the vital responsibility to train upcoming leaders–mentoring others should be a priority for you.

With that in mind, I found this excerpt about Jack Ramsay, former Portland Trailblazer coach and broadcaster, taken from “It’s not who you know, It’s who you are” by Pat Williams  with Jim Denney.

“When you are training young leaders,” he said, ” you need to give them the authority to make decisions-and even make mistakes. No  second-guessing.  If a young leader feels his boss might swoop  down and undo his decisions at any moment, he won’t feel he’s really leading. This undercuts his motivation to lead. Young leaders need to have a sense of genuine authority-within reasonable limits, of course.  We need to stand back, let them make their decisions, and let them deal with the consequences of those decisions. Demonstrate approval when they do well, hold them accountable when they fail, and express confidence in them, win, lose, or draw.”


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