Fueling up your passion


When you get up in the morning, what in your day do you look forward? Basically, what are you passionate about?

For some, it might be playing in a sports league. For some, its spending time in their wood shop–making things. For some, they have a deep-seated joy in volunteering to help other people. For some people, its their work.
My guess is that the majority of people don’t look at their jobs as something they love and are passionate about, but some do.
Let me reframe this issue and see if it doesn’t help in getting us a bit more excited about our job. Imagine a person who has a really nice car and just totally enjoys taking his car out on the back roads, putting down the top, and turning up the music. Maybe you are one of those people. Taking your car out on a drive is a passion of yours-it brings you a great deal of pleasure. But what makes it possible? Gas. Without it, you’re not going anywhere.
Now, instead of the “taking your car out for a drive” example, think about your passion(s). What is that activity that brings you pleasure that you just wish you had more time for?
But, just like in the car example where gas is needed to make the passion happen, so you too, need “gas” to fuel your passion. Think of your job as being that “gas”. Without you earning money from your job, you won’t have the financial means to support doing whatever it is that brings you pleasure.
So, next time you are at work, looking at the clock and seeing how much time you have to go before quitting time, how about reframing your perspective and expressing gratitude for being able to “fuel up” your passion and looking forward to doing it?


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