What is the worst time to prepare for a marathon?


“It is also crucial   that you don’t wait for a crisis before you get these sorts of rhythms in place. You must train  for the trial you’re not yet in. The worst time  to try to get ready  for a marathon is when you are running one”

excerpt from Levi Lusko’s book, “Through the Eyes of a Lion”

I am a huge fan of “taking time to evaluate” your current circumstances in all 7 areas of your responsibilities (relationship with God, personal health, family, stewardship, work, volunteering, personal leisure).

This “evaluation step” helps us not only to look at how things are going now,  but also to anticipate what will happen in the future. So, for example, if we know we want to run a marathon, then we can get focused now on training for it, so we can increase the probability of us having a future, positive experience.

If I can anticipate that I want my kids to go to college, I can begin preparing for it now.   The point is, “to think ahead, so that you can plan your next moves now.”

Paul Allaire, a former CEO of Xerox, one said, “if you can anticipate the future, you can help shape it”.



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