“Through the Eyes of a Lion” book review-Levi Lusko


Everyone has problems, but there are some situations that are so “over the top”  that they are life-changing and can alter the trajectory of our life, especially in the different ways that we choose to respond to them.

In the book, “Though the Eyes of a Lion”—(facing possible pain finding incredible power),   Levi Lusko passionately and transparently talks about his experiences losing his five-year old daughter. It is so raw and real—so captivating.

His experiences with the death of a loved one, are gripping and it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to read through this book without shedding some tears.  However, despite the tragic events of him losing his precious, 5 year-old daughter, Levi is able to rely on God’s power in carrying him and his family through this tragic event.

They also have realized  that through their painful experience and God’s support,  they have been able to  bring much hope to many other people that they most likely never would have, if they had not gone through their own personal crisis.

Yeah, I would strongly recommend this book to you.  If you can not apply the lessons from it,right now in your life, surely, you will be able to at a later date.

Enjoy it (and have a “”Kleenex”” nearby).


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