Poetry: Missing the Music


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my searching days

Missing the Music

The writing has all been written

the problem is I cannot use it,

the theme of the song is clear

I just cannot play the music.

Notes are playing in my head

but they’re too scrambled for me,

all sounds  confused and messed up,

no simple harmony.

It’s too frustrating  for me to bear

there’s just so much I want to say,

but I just can’t get it out

the music I cannot play.

The harmony of the beauty

gently sweeps across my face,

the notes of faith and love

drift by my head in space.

I hope I soon can play

the music that’s in my head,

it’s the living with this silence

that makes my soul so dead.


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