What made Walt Disney successful?


We all can benefit from role models. When it comes to successful people, someone who has made a contribution to our culture, one person that comes to mind is Walt Disney.  I can’t think of a person who has not, in some way, been influenced by a Disney film, or by attending on their theme parks.

So, what were the traits of  Walt Disney that made him successful?

“You can chalk up Walt Disney’s success to 9 character traits:
1. Integrity- you could trust him
2. Creativity- a visionary
3. Administrative ability-he knew how to get the best out of his people
4. Motivational ability- –Walt was not easy to work for, but he could inspire you to perform at a higher level than you ever dreamed possible.
5. He was willing to take risks-not reckless gambles but bold, calculated, carefully planned risks.
6. He was a good listener–he was eager to learn from anyone, including janitors and secretaries.
7. He wanted people to challenge him
8. He did his homework–he examined a decision from every conceivable vantage point
9. That’s the most important trait of all. Walt was fanatically committed to excellence. He was a stickler for getting every detail just right . Everything he did had his name on it, so it all had to be top quality.”

excerpt from “It’s not who you know, It’s who you are”  by Pat Williams (with Jim Denney)

I wonder if your biggest supporters were to talk about you after you passed away, or no longer were a part of your church, or your organization, what traits would make up your list?  What do you think?


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