The death of Glenn Frey of The Eagles and…


I remember a few years back watching a movie with my parents.  I don’t recall if it was a John Wayne classic, or the “Guns of Navarone”, but as we were watching it, my mom said something like “that actor is dead”, and then a bit later, “yeah, and that one is dead too”.  It was kind of awkward hearing her say that, but I could understand the realization in her observations that she was living beyond some of her movie star favorites (and still living beyond their passing).

That experience came back to me today as I heard about  Glenn Frey of The Eagles passing away (one of my generation’s favorites).  It was  sobering hearing of his death (just 67 years old) and recognizing afresh, the brevity of life (David Bowie, another famous artist also just died a few days before and he was only 69 years old).

The Eagles were a Southern Cal, rock ‘n roll band  who were popular for  several decades.  They wrote hit songs like “Take it Easy”, “Desperado”, “Life in the Fast Lane”, “Hotel California” and so many more classics.   For Eagles fans, I think you might enjoy reading this very interesting article on their career–“Why Glenn Frey’s death shakes us”

Their talent was unquestioned.  They were good, real good.

Yeah, I used to listen to their music all the time. Even now, I still will listen to them..  But, I’m much older now and realize that although their music, in my opinion, was phenomenal, their lyrics and lifestyle promoted temporary, selfish, carefree pleasures at best. They truly sought to enjoy the moment.   I don’t think any of the members of The Eagles would disagree with that.

Sure, there was sadness when I heard of Glenn Frey’s death (he seemed to be a very likable, sensitive, and popular man),  but beyond the initial shock of his passing was a soberness that life has its cycles. Nothing on this earth lasts forever.  Successes and pleasures may come to us in this life, but rarely are they sustained.

I believe that right there is one reason why Glenn Frey’s death has hit many people very hard.  There’s now an awareness of something final that is inevitable to us all; something beyond the perception of an endless summer (sorry, that’s a Beach Boys’  title, but it seemed fitting)   The realization that life has another side to it besides the kind of life that The Eagles so passionately sang about, well, that just sobers us all.  I think we now recognize that there is only so much benefit in looking back and that like it or not, we must face what comes before us.


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