Learning from how I play Ping-Pong


Recently, I was playing ping-pong with my son. What struck me after playing him was that he is very good.

Now, I love playing games, especially if there is a ball involved.   What I noticed is if I just hit the ball back to him without much thought, he would tend to win the points.  He would hit the ball back hard,  and hit it all over the table.

Now, if I wanted to try winning, I had to play with much more passion.  I had to think harder about what I needed to do to have a chance to win.  I needed to understand where his game isn’t as strong. I needed to think how I wanted to hit my shots: with what pace, where to aim it, etc.  I had to work at it, while I was playing.

I wonder at time,  if the way I approach my life isn’t much like this Ping-Pong illustration (maybe yours too).  When I just passively live out my life without much thought about why I’m doing what I’m doing,  I don’t get the same results as when I live out life with intentionality.

Sure, it takes  hard work to think about goals and to be disciplined in my efforts to meet those goals, but when I’m on my game, I find that I tend to have success and much greater satisfaction.

So, let me encourage you to “play to win”.

One thought on “Learning from how I play Ping-Pong

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