Minding her business (and His)

Note: I’ve recently come to understand some people with an Apple Device (maybe others), have not been able to use the shortlinks, I have been providing.  If you are experiencing any kind of problem, can you please e-mail me at hwalter850@aol.com and let me know.  Thank you.
There are so many things that make me grateful for being a Christian (peace with God (and myself), being a part of His church, Heaven, etc.); but one thing, fresh on my mind, that I am thankful for is His constant presence with me (and truly doing life with me).
Let me explain: over a recent weekend, I found myself with a great deal of down time.  So, I thought I would mind my own business and binge for several hours watching a Netflix series, while my wife did, well, I”m not really sure.
relaxing watching tv 2
After watching many episodes, I did exercise some self-control by calling it quits and going to bed because I had work the next day.  Kissing my wife good night, I could tell she wasn’t quite happy about all that had taken place this day.    We had a short conversation about it with me justifying my “minding my own business” and relaxing, by watching tv; but I could tell, I didn’t win any points in the exchange.
Early the next morning, as I was waking up, it seemed like the Lord wanted to have a talk with me to evaluate the “game film” from the day before.
He seemed to want to convey just a few ‘bullet-point” observations of my activities.
* for one, the issue with my wife wasn’t about the  quality of the cable series program that I was watching, but how much time I had spent doing so  (probably 4 episodes worth)
* going a bit deeper than that, I felt like the Lord was convicting me, saying, “you say you love your wife, but how special did you make her feel the other day?”  Did you go in to see what she was doing?  Could you have limited your watching this series to say, two shows and then spent the rest of the time with her just hanging out, talking, or playing some game?  In other words, you were minding your business, but were you also minding hers?   Ouch—that one was a laser-like conviction.
* but He did not leave me with only those thoughts, He took it one step further.  How often are you also minding your own business, but neglecting mine? In a similar way to what happened yesterday, how often are you involved with your activities (and they may be good activities to be doing), but meanwhile, the things that are on My heart are neglected?  Again, just like He said to me about my wife, “You say you love Me, but how special do you tend to make me on a daily basis by your thoughts about Me, or taking the time to read from My Word, or Pray with Me, or look to serve others, who I know could use a helping hand in some kind of way.    Again, “ouch”–another loving, layer-like conviction.
Thank you Lord for bringing to my attention my selfishness and helping me to realize that even my passive, “mind your own business” attitude (and activities) can miss your perfect mark of loving others, and loving God.

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