Dads–how about trying this loving gesture?


This post has come from my experience as a father.  I think moms have an inside track on connecting with their kids.  The ones I’ve known, generally do it well. Moms just seem to find it easy to have those heart to heart conversations with their kids.

For us, as fathers, many of us struggle with how best to tell and show our kids that we deeply love them and want the best for them.

Since we’re really all in this together, I wanted to pass on to you something I’ve done for each of my five kids that I believe was meaningful..  I did this for each of them during their young teenage years, though I think the idea could be used in other meaningful stages of life.

What I did was talked with about a dozen, wise and respected people in each of my children’s lives. It could be just a friend of the family, a teacher, a pastor, a family member.  I asked each of these people if they would write a handwritten note to my child giving them encouragement and advice for the journey that is before my child.


I then collected each of the notes and put them in a nice, decorative box and gave them to each of my children.  I don’t believe I asked too much of what they thought of these notes, other than I know, I remember seeing these boxes, years later in their rooms that’s a good enough sign for me.

Who doesn’t like encouragement ?  We all do.

Who wouldn’t appreciate the fact that someone they know and respect loves them and took the time to write a handwritten note to give them heartfelt encouragement and their best advice?  We all would.


I think as my kids saw all these notes and realized that they were loved by many people, I think they also realized in a deeper way that their father also loved them by taking the time to coordinate putting this special gift together.

Do the unexpected and bless your kids—they are worth it!


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