Be successful—ahh, maybe not in such a hurry?


Do I want to be successful?  Good question. I’m glad I asked.

To be honest,  the vision of respect and appreciation by others sounds good. Getting paid more for my talents also sounds good, as well as also being able to buy the newest technology products,  that also is appealing.  Being very successful stirs up many positive images in my mind. a man before the sun

How about for you?  Do you also long to be successful?  Do you look at others in positions of leadership at work, or at church and think to yourself, “I could do that job, so much better than they could”?   Do you ever look at celebrities on tv and desire their fame? or do you look at those in Washington, or on Wall Street and desire their influence and power?

Well, just to put it out there, and to help you and I, both with this issue of “longing for success”, let me just throw out a fuller perspective on this subject for you to think about.

Consider your present circumstances:

  • how well could you keep the same level of normalcy (ie. having a pretty peaceful home environment, a good relationship with your spouse and kids, relatively good health (especially in the area of limited stress) if you were really successful?
  • if you were really successful in one area of your life, say “WORK”, how would the other areas of your life be affected like (devotion to God, personal health, family, ministry to others)? Would you be okay with that? Would your spouse and family be okay with that?
  • how well would you do at always having to carry the weight of “the buck stops with  you” ?
  • how comfortable are you with most likely, having to put in significantly more hours?
  • how comfortable are you with having your work (and often times, your family) under a microscope where people are only to quick to let you know how they feel (often without thinking of how or what they say will affect you)?
  • on and on, I think I could go listing  negatives of  “success”, but I think you get the point.

As a popular saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”.   Yeah, who doesn’t want appreciation for a job well done. Who doesn’t want some nice things? We all do.

All I am trying to say, is to keep “success” in a proper perspective.   If it comes, it comes, but be patient for it.  Take the necessary time to prepare yourself in building a solid foundation in every area of your life, so you are able to handle increasing “success”  in portions you are capable of.

I believe as you seek to live a quality kind of life, opportunities will come your way. But, remember, you can always say “no”.  Ask yourself (and your spouse, and loved ones), do those opportunities make sense for me in the bigger perspective of having a balanced life and what I am capable handling?

Don’t fear success- just be patient to achieve it.



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