“Those who persevere win”


Having a vision of success is one thing, but following through, persevering, and putting in the hard work is another thing.

With that in mind, I appreciated the following insight from John Havlicek, (Boston Celtics hall of famer), as told in “It’s not who you know, it’s who you are” by Pat Williams (a very encouraging read):  john havlicek

“perseverance  is absolutely important, ” he replied.  “the  obstacles you face are more mental than physical. When two  people play  against each other, the question is who will give up first. It becomes a mental game of one-on-one. The object is to see who is mentally tougher-you or the other guy-on every single move, on every shot.   The player who wins is the one who works a little  harder, who goes a little longer. I believe you will pass out before you are overworked, but most people  don’t know that.  They think they’re overworked, so they stop.   They could have kept  going, but they didn’t. They weren’t beaten physically. They were  beaten  mentally. Those who persevere win.”


Friends, in what areas of your life do you need to re-focus on working harder?

Who do you know that could use some encouragement today to keep persevering in some thing that you know is important to them?


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