Book Review: “The Price of Loyalty” by Ron Suskind


What is it like to work in a place that you have few supporters on your leadership team?
What is it like to feel like you are bumping your head against a wall?
What does it feel like to always feel like you are alone in standing up for policies and principles against a bunch of fellow team members who seem to be guided by their own unwavering, preset beliefs?

Well, if you can relate at all to having this lone-wolf kind of experience in your working with executive boards, or a church board, or a management team, then I think you will find this book, “The Price of Loyalty” by Ron Suskind a fascinating read.

It’s an account of Paul O’Neill, who served under President George W. Bush as the Secretary of the Treasury.

If you have stood up to boards and committees by your convictions and truth-telling;  not willing to play the corporate or political games of correctness and not ruffling feathers, then, I am sure you will be able to relate and find encouragement in the experience of Paul O’Neill.


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