Why do coaches watch film?


If you are any kind of sports fan at all, you will certainly hear something about coaches “watching film”.  The idea is that after say, a Sunday football game, the coaching staff will come together with their players and watch the game in great detail and analyze what took place.  This is a key learning time to observe what  players did well and where there is room for improvement.  projector

In my Life Coaching terminology, I  call this step of reviewing, “Evaluation” and it is super important if you are wanting to pursue excellence in your own life and in all seven areas of responsibility.

The step of evaluating involves intentionally taking time to observe what has happened in some area of your life and/or what is happening,  learning from it, and making adjustments where necessary.

If you are anything like me, you’ll find it just natural to always be looking ahead at what is happening next.  However, without taking time to evaluate what you are doing and why, and how you can be better, you will tend to live in the same way.  Even worse, without taking time to ask yourself thought-provoking questions, you may find yourself moving in a direction that will only lead to painful regrets.

So, let me encourage you as passionately as I can to ask many questions of yourself (and others).  Get to the root of issues and avoid doing things because you’ve always done things that way.  Sometimes doing the same thing is very good, but at other times, it can be disastrous.  Take the time to evaluate and find out which is which.   Spend the time “watching film” on your own actions.  It is with this mindset of preparation, learning,  and hard work that you will find success.


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