Poetry: Caveways


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. This is a poem that is a part of a Poetry collection that comes from a time of my searching.  cave 2


So troubled and confused

my life has turned on me


a feeling so confining

sadness all I see.

I’m just not really myself

pain is all around

heading down the tunnel

to sorrow I am bound.

Somewhere I must find

strength to stand and fight

for weakness has controlled me

actions that were not right.

I’m willing  to enter

a cave  that’s so dark

just to prove to myself

I can overcome fear with my heart.

There is howling in the night

sounds of eeriness  and gloom

but I enter even farther

prepared to meet more doom.

I’m overcome by bats

shrieking around my head

I cry out in fear

I ask that I be dead.

In the coldness of the cave

I sit behind a rock

fearing I ventured too far

now destined by this flock.

I know that I must find

composure  within myself

put aside all my fears

and sprint  past these bats on shelves.

Lunging to my feet

then quickly on my way

the bats converge upon me

they feast on fear for play.

I’m so ever scared

but I ward off their attacks

my feet are ever moving

and my head looks never back.

I see the light of day

at the opening of the cave

I rush  for all its warmth

and thank God that I am saved.

I took too much upon me

I journeyed the cave too far

my heart was not quite ready

left upon it is a scar.


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