It really is a Wonderful Life !


My guess is that the majority of my readers have watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It’s a holiday classic.  Having just concluded another holiday season, this movie is fresh on my mind.   ItsAWondrflLifestill2-300x225

It gets me wondering about my own life, especially who I am as a Christian, and how really grateful I am for having a relationship with a living and loving God.

Although I am doing fairly well in my walk with Him, life can still have a sort-of routine about it  that can stir my emotions of wanting something more.  Can you relate to that?

However, even as I write that, my mind races back to a time when I really had no one to answer to.  At that time, I felt I was in control of my life. I did what I wanted to, which was primarily to please myself first, others second (if at all). I remember a restlessness in my soul because I knew there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing and what I was striving for, but what was it?  As I looked around at others, I recognized they were also trying to make sense of life, but deep down, I knew they were only searching as I was.  We were all looking for something that would satisfy our souls at the deepest level and trying many different things in hopes of getting to that place, but all we found were temporary “rushes”. Like a beach ball held under water by all of our efforts, when we get tired, the beach ball (our feelings of emptiness) launched themselves again to the surface.

As I start my new year, I thank God for having memories like these.  Although they contain many emotional scars, they stir up within me shouts of thankfulness that I am saved!  Feelings come and feelings go, but in the deepest part of my soul,  there is a peace with God and a peace with myself because I know I’m a part of God’s family.

What’s totally amazing is that I recognize that I was so undeserving of His kindness, yet despite any efforts I might have tried, He demonstrated His love for me by giving up His life to pay a ransom price for me, so that I could be adopted in to His family. I’m now a child of the living and loving God.

With this new family relationship comes many perks:

I’m recognizing that this family of God is huge. It is made up of other foster adults and children who have also been adopted like me

I’m recognizing the reality of His presence as the Holy Spirit is living within me 24/7

I’m recognizing my importance as I’ve got security detail watching over me and ministering to me in unknown secretive ways by His angels

I’m recognizing there is a playbook to making sense in this life.  The Bible reveals to me God’s wise, loving, and righteous thoughts on how best to navigate the choices I have each and every day

I’m recognizing my life has purpose to it as well as He has designed good works for me to be involved in to be a blessing to others and to point people to look in His direction to better understand How incredible a God is

I’m recognizing that beyond all these benefits that I can experience right now, that this is just a sampling of what is to come.  He has promised me an eternal lifetime with Him and His children in an environment free from the corruption of sin


Yeah, I think my life is pretty wonderful.

Friends, if you are at a place in your life where you are searching, trying to experience a lasting satisfaction and peace, let me encourage you consider the benefits of being in a relationship with God that I have just mentioned.   But, before you can legally claim them as your own, you have to believe that you are not worthy of any of it.  All you (and I) really deserve from this Holy God is judgement over your sinful actions, yet miraculously, He is willing to forgive you if you just acknowledge your unworthiness before Him and ask to receive His free gift.

What holds you back, even now from taking that step and experiencing a Wonderful Life?





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