Top 10 posts of 2015- # 1 –“now, this kind of church experience makes sense”


….and here is my #1 post for 2015!!!     “now, this kind of church experience makes sense”

In my younger years of going to church, I did what many still do today. I attended the service and checked it off my mental list of to-do’s.
It would be an entire week (or sometimes longer) when I would again fulfill my expected duty to go to a church service.
Going to church was just one of many “rules of conduct” that I felt pressured to submit to.
What I was not seeing clearly was that no meaningful relationship can be established or maintained by forced pressure to follow external rules (with the threat of judgement hanging over your head).
Today,  I have come to a growing appreciation of a living and loving God who seeks to come alongside me to love, encourage, discipline, guide, and nurture me.  Being a follower of Jesus Christ is truly an adventure in doing life with Him.
Far from being a lifeless thing to do once a week, being a Christian is a 24/7 365 days a year experience  My Christian walk brings satisfaction, purpose, and meaning?  And going to church is a joy. It’s a time of celebrating His resurrection with others who understand the awesomeness of who He really is.
I think this picture of Jasonmy son-in-law Jason getting baptized, as a gesture of his commitment to follow Jesus captures wonderfully the joy of being a believer!
Let me encourage you if your past experience in church could be described as a draining, non-relevant usage of your time, then, try again.
Find a local church that has a reputation for being a place that is alive and find out why.
You will never regret doing so!


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