Top 10 posts of the year – #8 (10 things to do if…)


And the #8 Most responded to post for 2015- “10 things to do if you’re unemployed””   as suggested by Jon Acuff in his excellent book, “START”):

Top 10 countdown

1)Remind yourself what you lost- you didn’t lose your identity, you lost your job
2)Be honest about the calendar- a lie that will come into your mind is that you will be out of work forever–not true. Fight off this lie.
3)Flip the numbers- with technology giving us access to job boards, we can contact far more potential employers in a day than people in prior generations could connect with in a week. Also, keep in mind that even if there is a 20% unemployment rate, it means that there are 80% employed—there is hope.
4)Think about your circles – –being unemployed is about properly managing three different circles: geography, industry, and commitment. The longer you are unemployed, the more deliberate you have to be about expanding these circles.
5)Finding a job is your new job- don’t ever think of yourself as jobless. The minute you get laid off or graduate without a job lined up, you get a new job. Its called “finding a job”.
6)Get a stopgap job – if you find yourself out of work for some time, you may need to get a stopgap job just to cover expenses.
7)Stay in job shape – Although you may be out of work, don’t get lazy. Keep getting up early and get going with your day.
8)Get plugged into a community -as much as possible, try to connect with others who are also looking for work. It will encourage, challenge, and help you during your season of job searching.
9)Start a blog -use social media to stay connected to the industry you are passionate about. Write blogs related to that industry and join industry-related online groups to keep your engagement high (it could put you head and shoulders above other job applicants).
10)Put results at the top – at the top of most resumes, people put their goals or objectives. Everyone does it. Instead list what you’ve accomplished–results will impress.
I think Jon’s tips are very insightful and will be helpful for you as you close one chapter in your book and begin a new one.


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