Leaders, within 6 weeks will …


With all the leadership books I’ve read, one observation that comes out  quite frequently is that when leaders think they are communicating their vision enough to their people, they still need to do so much more.

Whether it’s a for-profit company, or a non-profit organization, over-communication is critical to keeping the team moving in the same together in the same direction.

With that in mind, I thought the Summit’s Church intentionality as told by J.D. Greear in his book,  “Gaining by Losing” is something all organization’s can learn from.

“I want new people  at our church to be able to tell  what is important  to us within  six weeks of coming to our church”

JD Greear – Gaining by Losing

Leaders, can someone walking into your building and talking with a few people know what the heart of your ministry or organization’s mission is all about?

If not, maybe it’s time to communicate a little bit more with your people.


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