If the big league drafted you, would you…


Picture the following scenario; NFL DRAFT DAY has come and surprisingly, your name gets called.  You have been chosen to play for an NFL team.

But as time goes by, an interesting thing happens, you never show up to practice and to play.   Now, you do go to Walmart and pick up that team’s jersey and put it on every now and then.  But it’s surely not enough. Although, you understand that something is not quite right with this picture, you are still hesitant to take advantage of the situation and join the team, even though you continue to get invited by players on the team.  Sometimes, you will even go to the football team’s stadium and sit in the stands and watch them play, but deep down you are fully aware that there is a difference between standing in a huddle and playing , and sitting in the stands and watching.   stock-photo-attractive-sporty-young-man-model-in-blue-shirt-sitting-on-blue-stadium-seats-after-training-291538922

This  same kind of illustration could apply to many people regarding their spiritual walk.

Jesus Christ died on a cross to take a punishment that  you and I rightly deserved so that we could be forgiven and reconciled back to the Father.   The confirmation that His sacrifice for you and me was accepted by God the Father was evidenced by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

The truth is that God desires everyone to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.  Not only  that, but  upon believing in Jesus to be our Savior and acknowledging that we can do nothing on our own to merit His favor, we are given the presence of the Holy Spirit of God to live within us.

Through His indwelling, we are equipped with His supernatural power.  That same power which raised Jesus from the dead now lives with anyone who yields their life to Him.

In the Apostle Paul’s last letter to his friend, Timothy, Paul says, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power, love, and self-control.” (2 Tim. 1:7) esv”

The evidence of “Power” should be true of every Christian.  As the above verse states, we are not talking about a power, so that Christians run around acting like the AVENGERS in fighting off bad guys, but an internal power that allows Christian an inner strength to overcome sinful habits and to be used by God to exercise spiritual gifts in serving others.

So, how does this little devotion connect to my NFL draft storyline?  Later in Paul’s last letter, Paul goes on to say to Timothy that in the last days, humanity will be characterized (among other things) by people “having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power”.

I believe there are many people today who put on their “religious uniforms” and every once in a while will sit in the church stadiums (the pews)  and feel like they have done something for God.  However, deep down, they know that they are only “acting” as a true player and that they are not really in the game.

Get in the real game, my friends.   Today, is the real spiritual draft day.  It’s an altar call time right now. Get out of your seat and get on the field.  Don’t worry about all the things you don’t know.  You will get coaching. You will be given the Playbook and taught in it.

Its time to submit yourself to getting on this winning team and experiencing the true power that comes with it.



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