Maybe, just maybe, this could be the year


New Year’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means: the making of  New Year’s resolutions.  Deep down, most of  have a vision for a “better me” –  maybe, it’s giving up smoking, exercising more, reading more, working less, etc.

To accomplish our resolutions, we need to establish new habits and replace old habits.  Before these new habits can be carried out with passion, we need to have compelling motivation. Something needs to impact us at our core that stirs us up to put in the effort and make the necessary sacrifices.

Let me suggest just 2  VISION/ PERSPECTIVE ideas that can help incentivize us to amp up our game and make the needed adjustments:

1) Strive to live a life without regrets—what’s involved with this perspective is benefitting from past painful moments in your life. Think about and feel those scarring moments when you let someone down, said something you shouldn’t have, or did something  you shouldn’t have.  Those experiences can still hurt today, can’t they?  The reality is that even today, we can still have hurtful regrets.

So, why not benefit from the pain you still feel over those memories and purpose to never experience any regrets again.

2) whereas purposing to live a life lived without regrets has to do with avoiding negative behaviors and making mistakes,  a second kind of vision (perspective) idea has to do with being proactive with positive behaviors.  The idea is to envision what an Excellent life for you looks like and then pursue it.

That means being intentional in how you live your life going forward.  It means:

1) Taking the time to Evaluate your life


3) It means Making Priorities

4) It means Setting Goals

5) It means Managing the Process


Maybe, just maybe, with trying to implement one or both of these two perspectives (vision), this could be a year, you keep your resolutions!



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