Getting rest will help


Although it’s probably not a pleasant thought, consider the last time you really didn’t feel well.  With all your aches, pains, and chills, my guess is that you just wanted to lay down. You probably had little energy and your mind seemed to also want to go into “sleep mode”.

In a similar way, think about a time where you were over-worked.  Maybe you were out of town on business, visiting client after client; doing presentations, having meetings, traveling and all that goes with it. Maybe you are putting in long hours at your day job and than it seems like every night you are at different meetings and functions at church and you just find yourself exhausted.

In either of these scenarios, the issue is that bodily, mentally, emotionally, you can get fatigued.  Now with those pictures in your mind, here is one more thought. Think about a friend who wants to do some kind of business deal with you at a time when you are either sick or tired.   How in tune are you to that conversation?  Not much, right!

It might not be a business deal, it might be a spouse who just wants to talk and you really don’t feel like it.  My point in laying out all these situations is to convey the importance of rest.

To live a well-balanced life, make “getting rest” a priority.



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