Enjoy running a marathon


For those of you who take exercise seriously, especially to the point of  running a marathon, here is helpful advice from baseball hall of famer, Sandy Koulfax.  The following is an excerpt from”It’s not who you know, It’s who you are” by Pat Williams:

“I (Pat) said (to Sandy), “I’m getting ready to run my first marathon. What advice  can you give me?  What can you tell me about running marathons that I may not  already know?”   marathon running

“Let me tell you four things,” he (Sandy) said, ” first, don’t go out too fast. Second, drink water at every station.  You’ve got to stay hydrated. Third, enjoy the whole experience. It’s meant to be fun, so go out and enjoy  it.  Fourth,  if you go out to dinner that night after the marathon, make sure you don’t have to go down any stairs.  Your legs are going  to be so rubbery that you’ll never navigate  those stairs.”

I’ve always remembered  his advice- especially the part about having fun. Yes, a marathon is long, punishing, grueling, and exhausting, but if you go into it with the right attitude, a marathon is also fun. “Enjoy the whole experience,” Koulfax told me.”

As I read this, I thought how applicable this advice is really, for all aspects of life.  Metaphorically, life is a marathon.  It will be hard, but enjoy it !



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