A glimpse into the success of Sam Walton


Sam Walton was a unique individual. There was something special about him, which led to his success and Walmart’s.

I recently came across the following thoughts about him from his son, Jim Walton (as recorded in a fascinating book, “It’s not who you know, It’s who you are” by Pat Williams):

“now take that shirt you are wearing”, Jim pointed to my Hawaiian shirt.

“what about it?” I said.

“Dad would have been fascinated by that shirt.  He would have examined  the fabric and asked you where it came from. He would have turned the sleeve inside out and looked at the stitching. He was curious  about everything, constantly  asking questions and reading up on every aspect of the retail business.  That’s why he was so good  at what he did, and that was his greatest strength as a leader.”


I love hearing about Sam Walton’s passion and curiosity and desire to always be learning.  How about you?  Do you exercise a similar passion for learning how to do your job the best you can.  I understand that your current job might not be your dream job, but let me give you some advice.

The next time you go to your job, purpose to do your job the best you can do.  It will mean paying more attention to the details of your job.  It will mean asking more questions of others on how you can do your job better.  It will mean putting in more “brain time”  thinking about your job and industry.

One of two things will happen:

  • one is that you will enjoy your job more as you get better at it. Your successes will produce confidence in what you do, as well as your overall well-being in how you look at your self.  It might even mean putting off your search for your dream job
  • second, you still may choose to move on to another job, but your enhanced confidence and skill development will carry over to it and should lead to you being more successful in your new endeavors

Now get to work!  🙂


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