“Like a Heat-Seeking Missile”


I am captivated by the idea of doing things with passion. It stirs my soul.   So, when I recently came across the following excerpt  from Pat Williams’ book, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you are”, I thought right away that I needed to put it on this blog.  Enjoy and be inspired as you  pursue your passion:

“I once had bestselling author  Jentezen  Franklin (Right People, Right Place,  Right Plan) as a guest on my Orlando radio show, and he made a statement  that stuck in my mind and that I have  quoted often  when speaking to audiences:  “when you discover  your passion in life and pursue it relentlessly, you become like a heat-seeking missile.”

There’s so much truth packed into that one sentence.  Think about it.  A heat-seeking missile searches for a source  of heat, locks onto it, then chases it with single-minded  focus.  If the heat source moves up, down, or sideways, the missile follow  unerringly. When you  are passionate about your goals and dreams, you move unerringly toward the target of your passion. That’s why passion is such a powerful ally of success.

It’s not enough simply  to set some goals, then methodically  plod toward them. You’ve got to  get fired up  and motivated. Never be content to dwell  in the gray margins of life. Become a heat-seeking missile!  Live passionately!”



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