Intentional Parenting


Parents, you have great influence upon your children.  Whether or not, you realize your impact on shaping their values and character, it is huge.  You will leave the biggest impression upon your kids by the way you live your life; what you model in action and attitude..

However, in addition to your role-modeling, you can take up your parenting impact by being intentional on training your kids in their actions.  Give them projects. Give them things to do.  Watch them get their hands dirty doing something, making mistakes, AND LEARNING.

Many children will grow up with a lack of confidence working on cars, working on repairs around the house, working with money, etc. not because they don’t have the intelligence to tackle these things, but they will lack confidence because they were never shown how to do these things.  Because they were never shown how to do these things correctly, and that it is okay to make mistakes and try again,  they will fear doing them later in their life.

To help your kids develop, pretty much in any area of life, try this 4 step process of coaching that you will find effective:

  • teach them how to do something by thoroughly explaining how to do the project, why you are doing the project in the way you are, and the benefits that will come from doing it (and encourage your child to ask questions)
  • then do it again, with you mostly doing the work, but getting assistance from your child (and encouraging them to ask questions)
  • do it again, having your child mostly doing the work, with getting some assistance from you (and still encouraging them to ask questions)
  • Let your child do all the work with you giving them full responsibility for the work and you offering accountability, feedback, and encouragement on the job quality that they did.

Enjoy being a parent and helping your child to develop skills.


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