Bring your work home … ?


Most people who regularly read my blog are probably going to be surprised by the title of this post.  The reason is that  a lot of people  I have engaged with are overly committed to their work, unfortunately to the neglect of their family responsibilities.  So, why would I encourage you to take your work home?

Let me explain. In this competitive business climate we are in, businesses need to strive to have a learning mindset to thrive.  What are other companies in their industry doing well that they can learn from?  What trends in  business are happening that could be implemented? What practices are their own companies doing well that they should build upon and what practices need to be adjusted, or even eliminated?

I think of time management, quality control, data mining, and inventory management as business practices that have evolved and become core business practices that are foundations for organizational success.

Inventory management in particular has struck me this morning as a practice in business that has enormous importance.  With financial resources  limited in most organizations, businesses realize that is wasteful to have valuable money just sitting around in inventory when it could be used elsewhere.

Many businesses are moving to a “just-in-time” practice where they strive to keep as little inventory on hand as possible to maximize the value of each dollar.

It is this principle that I think can carry over at home–inventory management.  For the past year and a half, my wife and I have been on a focused mission to rid our house of stuff.   That means we have limited bringing in new stuff that we really don’t need.  It also means going room to room deciding on what is really being used and what “inventory” needs to just be thrown away, and/or given away.

Let me tell you, as we’ve been focused on doing “a house inventory audit”,  it has been freeing.  Not only has it been enjoyable seeing more space in our house, but it has been freeing to know we don’t need as much stuff as we once thought.

Often times, my wife and I have a mindset of “let’s just keep it for that day when we might need it”?   90% of the time that day never comes and our house keeps filling up with stuff. We need to make some adjustments in our thinking. We are works in progress.

It has also been interesting asking around for “best practices” from some of my friends on this topic. One idea that some friends implement is that every year they walk around their house and if they see something not being used in the past year, they either toss it, or give it away.  I like that idea.

I would be very open to hearing of any additional ideas that any of you might have regarding this topic of “home inventory management”.  Thank you.



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