“…overconfidence scares me”


Leaders, you know who you are.   But, even as I write those words, “you know who you are”  —do you really?

Do you know the influence you have on others?

Do you know your limitations?

Do you know your blind spots?

Do you have any people around you that can be painfully honest with you and let you know if are getting off track, whether that’s in business decisions, in thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to, or if it’s in any other area of your life (ex. putting in more time in at the office or in travel to the neglect of your family)?

Leaders, your responsibilities and the consequences of your leadership decisions are too great for you not to humbly strive to know yourself well.

I think this quote from Malcom Gladwell is sobering in its insight:

 “Incompetence irritates me, but overconfidence scares me. Incompetent people rarely have the opportunities to make mistakes that greatly affect things. But overconfident leaders and experts have the dangerous ability to create disaster.”



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