Are you playing “Pacman” with your life?


“Pacman”  pacman-classic-80s-arcade-game-DXFJ24

Just saying that name can probably stir up memories of that “dot-chomping image”.  It was such an addicting game for me as I couldn’t get enough of it.  I always thought I can do better.  I always wanted to play more.

You know, life is kind of like that “dot-chomping image”: it is so hard to say, “enough”.  In the “Pacman”  game, we’d maneuver our Pacman image to keep gobbling up more and more dots, looking to avoid those scurrying attacking images that wanted to kill us.

For many of us in life, we too want more “dots”.  We want the latest technology: lighter and cooler phones, bigger and better TV’s, more technology-laced cars and trucks, bigger and fancier houses, more power tools, more shoes, lighter and more powerful tennis rackets or golf clubs, more free time, we want to get to more levels in the video games we play, we want more money in our retirement accounts, more progress at work, more maturity from our children, more……   We just can’t seem to get enough.

So, as I’ve been thinking about this, let me pass along a question or two for you to consider:

  • when will you have enough?
  • with your pursuit of more, what areas of your life are being neglected?
  • Are you grateful for what you already have?
  • what potential dangers are wrapped up in your focus on having to have more?

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