Learning from Elton John and Jerry Seinfeld


Years ago, I remember reading something from Elton John.  He was saying that he felt sorry for contestants on American Idol and shows like that because of the instant success that was now possible for the winners.

In comparison, Elton recalled the years and years he spent performing in small and large venues learning his trade. He enjoyed many ups and suffered through many downs.  Success became a matter of putting in the time.elton-john

To be your best, there are no shortcuts to putting in the time practicing.  Think patiently about success coming in the long-term, rather than just around the next corner.  Be patient.

Here is another example of success coming after years and years of hard work—-this time from the life of Jerry Seinfeld.

It’s an excerpt from “Quitter”, an excellent book from Jon Acuff:

“Jerry Seinfeld , the centerpiece of the most successful sitcom of all time, understands that principle (of putting in your time and practicing), . In an interview called “Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy” he discusses a time he was first working on his dream job of being a comedian.. He did two shows a night for eighteen months straight without missing a night. That’s over 1000 shows.
Can you imagine how much money he made? The answer is none. Seinfeld says, “we weren’t being paid. We had to work , to learn, to get good enough to get work.”jerry seinfeld
One of the greatest comedians of all time had to give away his funny for free so he could gain enough experience to get paid for his dream job. Chances are you will too.”

Work hard and then keep working harder.  Success takes time. Learn to master your craft.


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