“Deer Crossing” warning signs in life


If you’ve ever driven in the country, you’ll likely see a warning sign that deer are present.  It is a message to be alert to them suddenly coming on the road.  deer crossing sign

So, although you may be enjoying the scenery, the quiet, less traffic, and making good time, nonetheless, it would be smart of you to be on guard for the potential of a deer wanting to connect with the grill of your car.

I thought of this “warning signs” issue recently and wanted to expand it beyond the driving scenario.  In the last few days, I read on Facebook that two of my classmates from my ’79 high school graduating class had died.   They were both just 54 years old.

Like taking a ride in the country, life is good right now and I am enjoying the scenery of the circumstances in my life; my health,  my wealth, my family, my job, etc., however, I would be wise to consider (as would you) the “warning signs” of life. What I am referring to is the sign of the reality of the shortness of life-death.

I’m not trying to be morbid, or negative, but rather, like a “deer crossing” sign, which alerts drivers to potential dangers, the “brevity of life” warning sign should also be something we consider (for our own good).

I believe it would be beneficial to us to consider the following (should an unexpected life happen):

– would my family be covered with my life insurance?

– would my family know where all my records are?

– am I in a right-relationship with all my friends and family?

– am I in a right-relationship with God?

– are there any regrets I have right now, that I should look to resolve now, while I can or?

-is there anything I should be doing now, while I still can because of the uncertainty of how long my life will last?

If you have already taken the time to heed the “warning sign” message of the brevity of life,  then you can get back to enjoying your drive  !


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