3 “Slurpees” —C’mon Man!


I can remember the following experience like it was yesterday.  There I was, a young kid playing baseball with my friends.  I loved playing baseball and we took it seriously.

In fact, one time, we all pooled our money and during our short season, we counted our batting averages, home runs, and RBI’s with the champion of each category earning a “Slurpee”. slurpees

Guess what?  I did the best in each category and to the horror of my friends, I bought myself 3 “Slurpees” (no sharing involved).

From this sad, but true story, I have 3 takeaways to pass on:

1) I deserved those “Slurpees”– I played hard, concentrated, and came through when I needed to

2) by buying 3 “Slurpees” for my self, instead of sharing my winnings,  I acted with utter selfishness and greed, and a lack of any consideration, kindness or generosity to my friends

3) developing my reputation —

-how close do you think my friends felt to me when I would not share my prize-winning with them?  Not very.

-how willing would any of these friends of mine be in the future to do me a favor if I asked something of them?  Not likely.

-what kind of reputation would I have had with others if they found out about this experience?  Most likely, they would think much more of my utter selfishness, rather than my baseball skills

– my focus on my prizes and accepting all the earnings for myself displays a terrible lack of gratefulness to others who contributed to my abilities.   I want my reputation to be that of a grateful person.

At the end of the day, even at the end of your life, wouldn’t you want your reputation to be that of someone who worked hard, enjoyed success, and was generous with others, rather than having a reputation of being someone selfish, only concerned about yourself.



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