Leaders- a reading must- “The Intangibles of Leadership” book review


This is a must read.  It was really that good.

How can I describe this book, well, I think the author, Richard A. Davis, PhD says it best in his introduction, ” existing leadership  models offer a basic set of competencies  that all leaders should have, but they miss some critical points…..(often these leadership models)  identified basic price-of-admission qualities that many people exhibit.  But at the top rung of the ladder, leadership is highly nuanced. ….What I found  was that extraordinary leaders  possess certain  interstitial characteristics – traits that fall  between the lines  of existing leadership  models.”

Richard A. Davis, as a management psychologist offers through his experiences and insights  ten challenging principles that every leader would benefit from reading (and applying.

I believe this book could also make for a fascinating group study book.  Take yourself and your organization to the next level by checking this book out.


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