Try and Love Again (revised)


My apologies, but I just noticed that the line and name of the the song, did not carry over in the opening intro in my last post, so I just wanted to correct it .

Here is a corrected version:

One of my favorite songs right now is from The Eagles called, . It’s a song about a person who is painfully aware of the memories of failed past relationship experiences.  He can still feel the emotional scars they left. Man-Thinking1

In light an opportunity to start a new relationship with someone, he’s caught at a crossroads–a time of choice.  Should he take another risk and try and love again?  In this raw moment of transparency, he asks himself these very honest and real questions:

“Should I stay or go

I really want to know?

Would I lose or win

If I try to love again?”

He goes on in the song to say, “I’m going to try and love again”.

This song is about a person who has been burned before by love. We don’t know all the reasons, but we see the current consequences. He is fearful and unsure about loving again. The empathy I have for a person with this kind of emotional story and choice before him , which is so raw and real, just grips me.

In a kind of interesting way, I’ve been thinking about this song in a different kind of way than you might be thinking.  I’ve run into a lot of people over the past several years with stories similar to this, only it’s not been with a past failed relationship with a girl or guy that has left emotional wounds with them, but rather its been with God.

Like in the song, I can see these people at a crossroads where they can recall past, painful memories with faith.  Maybe their experiences were in churches where there was no life or relevancy for today.  Maybe they had some kind of personal crisis experience where they spoke out some distress call to God and He never responded. Maybe they were crushed by seeing a role model, someone they looked up to, who had some kind of moral failure that shattered their hopes for living a better life.  Whatever it was, these painful memories still exist and influence their current choices.

In the song, the person confronting his relationship fears goes on to say:

“Well it might take years

to see through all these tears

Don’t let go,

When you find it  you will know

Going to try and love again”

I want to encourage you regarding your relationship with God to try and love again.  People make mistakes. But this matter of faith, first and foremost it’s not about a  focus on people, but on God.

He is a powerful God who chose to make a painful decision to send His Son, Jesus Christ in to the world where He would accept the limitations of a human body, endure the ridicule and physical and emotional abuse by people (even those closest to Him),  so that He could fulfill His purpose of dying as a criminal to accept a punishment that He didn’t deserve, all so that we could become reconciled back to God.

Focus on finding a church (and there are a lot of great ones out there) that are excited about telling this story of our awesome, living and loving God.  Their passion can be seen in the preaching and worship during their services.  It can be seen in their efforts to go beyond their walls and love people in their communities.  It can be seen inside the walls as the people in this church look to minister to their own who are hurting, as well as encourage each other to grow in their understanding of the faith.

In closing, I don’t know what occurred in your past when it comes to matters of faith, but if you have been burned and still deal with the painful realization that you know things are still unresolved, let me encourage to confront those memories and try to love again. He is a good God and has open arms for you, so try and love again!

Talk to someone you may know who is a Christian.

Go to church this Sunday.

Find a Bible, open it up, and read it (you might want to start in the Gospel of John)

Talk to Him out loud and let Him know what’s on your heart–He is listening

Try and love again!


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