Giving credit where credit is due


Have you ever come up with an idea and told your boss or a friend? And then, they came back to you with a “you know, that was a very helpful idea–thanks!”

Didn’t that make you feel good?  In those circumstances, you probably felt appreciated and helpful.

In the past week, I have had three distinct times where an idea of doing something nice for someone came to my mind and I acted on it.  In all three circumstances, I followed through on the prompting and my initial reaction was, “wow, that was a nice gesture to do for that person.  Thank you, Lord.  You had a good idea to do this nice thing for this person. I’m sure they will appreciate it.”

In two of the three circumstances, the people all responded a bit surprised that I would do something nice for them (I still need to wait a week to do the 3rd nice gesture, but am looking forward to doing something unexpected and nice for them) and I am looking to be quick to point out that it wasn’t my idea, but God’s.

I know myself and I know the ideas that came to me were not of my own.   So, I need to give credit where credit is due.

But, what a blessing for me to know that I was being used as an instrument for  His doing nice things for people.  Very cool !



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